The Europe DVD Project

Europe has welcomed immigrants for decades, but never in such numbers and under such desperate circumstances as with the current refugee crisis. However, Europe does not have a ‘refugee crisis’. The fleeing families, struggling elderly, drowned children, desperate young men – these are the ones in crisis.

Many are coming from countries like Syria, Libya and Afghanistan – parts of the world that have not welcomed the message of Jesus Christ. Followers of Jesus in Europe have an unprecedented opportunity to offer both settled immigrants and newly arriving refugees compassion, humanitarian assistance and the Good News of God’s rescue.

Two special editions of the JESUS film have been produced in the languages spoken by the vast majority of Europe’s immigrants and refugees (16 languages on each DVD). This resource is being offered in quantity at no charge to Christian groups who are seeking to minister the love of God to these people.

Distribution partners will be charged for the cost of shipping when an order is placed. All partnering groups will be asked to make a free-will contribution to cover the cost of producing the next batch of DVDs.

For distribution in Germany (English / Deutsch)

For distribution in the Rest of Europe