Distribution Partner Agreement

In placing an order for the European Project ‘Jesus’ DVDs as a Distribution Partner, our group (church, mission, charity, etc.) affirms the following:

  • We will exercise good stewardship by ordering a quantity of DVDs that expresses ‘realistic faith’ in our capacity to distribute this resource in the coming months.
  • We will pray for distributions of the DVDs and do them in a gracious way without giving the impression of attacking other religions.
  • We will not re-sell these DVDs.
  • We will trust God for the financial provision to make it possible for us to contribute to the DVD Replenishment Fund and will give such a donation soon after receiving the DVDs.
  • We will seek to encourage other ministries we know of (who are working with immigrant and refugee communities) to contact JesusForEurope.net and order these DVDs.
  • We will endeavour to keep a record of encouraging stories coming from our distribution efforts and report these to the European DVD Project upon receiving such a request.