Muslims are turning to Jesus in unprecedented numbers over the past 30 years as they have been able to see, hear and understand the truth about who Jesus really is.

People have asked, “Why has the JESUS film been so successful winning Muslims to Jesus?”

There are a number of reasons. One of the largest contributing factors is Christians displaying love and acts of kindness towards them. And, of course, having prayed for them, God uses such acts to open the hearts of Muslims so that the seed, His Word, can penetrate and take root.

Here are a few other things that appear to be central in leading millions to Jesus:

  1. The words of Jesus are so holy and powerful, so when Muslims hear them, the Holy Spirit speaks to their hearts and breaks through the lies and confusion in their minds. Every word the character of Jesus speaks in the film is from the Bible and God’s word is powerful.
  2. When they watch the film about Jesus’ life, they don’t argue or interrupt the Gospel presentation. They take in the whole story and God uses this to break through the confusion of false perceptions given by Islam.
  3. Muslims have been prepared with strong defensive points which often stop Christians from sharing the gospel. And most Christians do not know how to move through such arguments. The ‘Jesus’ film is a great way to share the whole story of who Jesus really is. And Christians do not have to be an expert but just be kind when offering a ’Jesus’ DVD.
  4. Islam has a spirit of fear that comes with it. Both for the Muslim to not doubt but to fear Allah, and for the Christian who fears getting into trouble for engaging in a conversation about religion. Using the ‘Jesus’ DVD enable church members to get more involved with meeting Muslims without starting a debate.

Jesus for Europe partner churches cover entire neighbourhoods, giving the DVD as a gift door to door at Christmas or during other Christian holidays. And Muslims nearly always receive such gifts graciously.

When such widespread distribution of the DVD takes place, we find the Lord has been actively working. People call or email the contact on the back cover. Some ask the teams going door to door to come back and spend time with them. These open doors have resulted in many coming to faith because Jesus was already working in their lives.

Many house churches have been started this way throughout the world. And Europe is not being overlooked by the Spirit of God!